To be the number one Biodiversity Solutions provider to the lifestyle industry

To provide transparent and traceable end-to-end solutions, thereby giving value-added knowledge based alternatives

The Blue Economy is a progressive metamorphosis from the Green Economy.

Based on the notion of thinking ahead so as to create more good, instead of less bad, it uses strategic, opportunity driven rationale to connect the environmental, social and financial puzzle. It is a business response to a changing economic landscape in which resource depletion and social costs are unsustainable.

 The term “Blue Economy” in this context was coined by Gunter Pauli in 2004.

“Nature works with what is locally available. Sustainable business evolves with respect not only for local resources but also for culture and tradition.” Gunter Pauli

Some of our 'blue' product ranges:


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Company Background:

Innovasians’ business is a technology driven company applying the new and sustainable technologies in the development and manufacturing of a full range of eco lifestyle products including textile products and garments.

Innovasians business is built on 4 building blocks of technologies. When we select technologies to apply in the lifestyle products we execute for our clients - we ensure that the technologies 'fit' with the 4 building blocks of Innovasians.

a.            recycled materials e.g. recycled PET

b.            re-purposed agricultural waste e.g. Straw, rice husk and bagasse

c.            renewable materials – these include corn starch

d.            modified plastics – Additives used to modify standard existing plastics

These technologies offer scalable solutions (the model developed by Innovasians) as there is a choice in terms of (i) economics and (ii) environmental concerns. Innovasians is targeting segments Hospitality (F&B), Retail and Corporate (gifting).  Innovasians is looking for representation/synergistic businesses across the Globe (including Canada) to represent and work with Innovasians to make a bigger impact on a larger scale in getting the products and consciousness to all the corners of the globe. 

Innovasians was founded in 2007 by Lizette Smook. The idea/concept was to shift the paradigm of a 'take-make-waste' society and create an awareness of alternate materials and 'choices' to consumers that would support biodiversity. (Innovate + Asians = Innovasians ).

Innovasians today service many Blue Chip Clients - amongst others Orla Kiely, Carrotbananapeach, Red Dog, ESF Schools in Hong Kong, Hospital Authority Of Hong Kong, Hopewell Holdings, SWIRE, LKF, Stoned Cherrie and Shangri La Hotel and Resorts World Wide (see detailed customers listedhttp://www.innovasians.com/customers.php).

Innovasians - Leading the way to a Sustainable Future - we look after your ENTIRE supply chain or any part or portion of your supply chain you would like us to look aftre:


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